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   WORLD PHOTOSint(3) / Art

Marine City. The building with the dome of blue. Sailing ship and a boat near the walls of the cityThe cart, the citizens, buildingWalking in the streets of the city coachA building with large square towers and a large number of rectangular windowsYoung talent. The child and the plaster sculpture
Little Model. The process of writing a portraitEvaluation of the goods. VirtuosoWalks in the carriageCarriage in black with blue wheels, the team in white and brown horseThe dust under the hoofs of horses
Severe slope with a steep slopePeople from the riverCrossing by boat. Stone Bridge with vases of flowers. The town with red roofsPicnic by the riverSheep under a tree with branches of pink flowers
Winter walk on sleds. Passerby with a dogHarvest. Large and red applesCows on a hill near the houseSteeplechase barriersRider with a white handkerchief in the hands of
Horsemen in white long jacketPreparation before the trip. A woman with a bucket. Boy with horseThe walls at home. A man on a bench, with a horse pilgrimBringing the fruit of the tree branchesHunter riding a horse. Women teny trees
Harbor. Landing on the shore. Ship and boatAfter the collapse of the ship. Castle IslandHorse racing. Pompous podiumHunter and hound dogsThe fountain in front of the house. Girls going for the path
Fire. The preponderance of fire and black smoke in the walls of the houseHalt. Cooking dinner on a fireCarriage overcrowded people. Winter DayOn the area of the cityAt the racecourse
Hippodrome. The dust under the wheels of the pramPram with two pairs of huge wheelsFour-wheel cartsThe battle on the waves of the sea. Smoke and the flightGossip on the bench. Woman and Child
Girl and boy in the walls of the houseRider in a green dress and hat with feathersPerformance of ballet PasThe official in a red jacket with a picture and blue golfHappy parents and children
Girl in the lush dark-red dress with gold trimCastle on the edge of the road. The red roof and light wallHunters with dogsWinter, hunting for ducksThe guys on the river bank
Black clouds on the horizon. White Sail SpacecraftWomen with grass in the hands ofA house with a balcony and stairs to the river bankTown SquareWooden bridge
Women with large windows for conversationMarket near the walls of the city fire towerA crowd of people from the old chapelMountain goat wool with dark shades on the slopes. Far townSeveral bridges over the River. Sailing ships
Sailing boat. The man with the horses on the shoreThe building with light green tone of the walls. Walks in the square yardThe building is in gray tones. Walks under the umbrellasTown of high stone walls. Horse Carriages in black and yellowPeople, rider, coach, under the walls of the city
High coach. House with red brickCleaning in the yard. Games dogsA walk in the courtyard of peacocksThe wide and dusty streets of the cityLast minute before the trip to the coach, under the walls of city buildings
Feast, celebrationOval bend homes. Women, men, childrenPreparation before a hunt. Horsemen and dogsJumps, jump over the fenceHunting for pheasant
Horsemen compete in the speed driveFishing on the river bank among stonesCrossing over the river on horsebackPark. PeopleThe road to the city. The building with the high white tower
Relax in the shade of trees. The building with white wallsBreaking on the boat icebergs and rocksEscape from a sinking shipThe transfer of cargo from the ship in the lifeboatSea battle. Shots from the guns on boats
Thunderstorm, clouds, lightning, coach, did not calm the horseHorse racing, failure to overcome obstaclesThe first steam bus. Dusty roadsSailboat near the walls of the house with red roofMill on the River
Summer, water millThe lighthouse, the ships in the bayCows have wateringCrossing over the river by boat. River cased treesMost of the yellow color
Walk along the riverUnsuccessful ferry across the river with the thin ice, Age 18Tourist steamers Century 17Autumn is time. Family walk in the houseCity of River

   WORLD PHOTOSint(3) / Art
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