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The picture in the blurry colors. The girl in the chairThe old man in armor with a boy in a white shirtPainting. Girl with a jug and an owlThe Countess and the womanPainting. Tangle of our lives
The painting in shades of gray. Trees in the form of buds of roses, light-yellow house windowRange of black and bright colorsPainting. The family at the table. The preponderance of dark and red shadesPortrait of a man in brown. View from windowBoy in the sand hill
Women peoples costumes. Sad momentThe painting on people\'s motives. Kazak and red girl near a tree in spring colorsGirls decorate festive breadThe girl in the Ukrainian attire. Wreath with long colorful ribbonsThe painting in gray-blue tones. Snow field. Snowdrift
Desktop ArtistPortrait of young man with artful eyeView outside the window. Silhouette girl at the windowMountain tops. Night time. Last sun raysPortrait of tired man
Life over. People and Their WorldVillage. Houses under the gray roofsPatch film against the backdrop of gray skiesFigure mechanism. Dark green color pictureFinds and harvesting the researcher
The process of betrothal. A young girl and girlfriendLooking at the heavens areReading books in the evening hours. View through windowThe baptism of infants. Old woman and babyOn the football field. Pensive sky
Birth, baptism and the lifeThe wisdom of the people and its originsWinter is timeA guard with a sword and paleface lordSages of ancient tribe
The hill in the twilight. Landing in shades of grayFence. Sand and wood barsConfrontation. People with shieldThe girl in folk costume with swordThe horse on the hill. Landscape
Meeting between mortals and angelsThe combination of yellow and blueScarlet rays of the sun on the seaDried poppy heads. VillageRuler of the attributes of power. The book and the cane
In a cave. Stone stairsThe walls of the rocks in the evening timeLooking through the strip of paperSunny DayWinter is time. Light the road with the moon. The dark silhouettes of trees
Light strokes on a blue backgroundIllusion. Man with pearsComfort rooms. Paintings of seascapesThe death of comrade in the hands of a friendAdoration of the Sun. A man of clear water on the shore
The place to worship. Room in a yellow colorA warm wind on the exposed skin of female bodyRoom. Silhouette of the man\'s Bench. The icon on the wallThe women on the bench. Gleam of the SunWreath product of the worlds, good and evil, human and animal
Under the cloak of obscurityTemple sand beachFemale veiledGuard with spear and swordStones and a pitcher on the table

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Khmelnitski Art Museum
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