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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Painting / Impressionism

In the alcove. ConversationIn reflectionCard game. MenBathing. The mistress and maidGirl with a dog
Address ballerinasA ship from the shoreAt the boat station. The girl in the boatVillage. Winter timeTheater
Girl. The painting in brownGirl in a dress with rosesSailboats, cabin among the treesA girl in a hat with a blue ribbonAlley flowering trees. Spring
River to the cityThe woman in red jacket with a blue broochTwo girls of Indian nationalityFlowers in a Vase, and the catThe girl in purple dress in dark colors
Girl in straw hat in a field of golden KoloskovCity lifeTraining of ballerinas in blue boxesTrees on the shoreBoats on the sand
Dancer on stageAmong the sea sailing on the wavesThe girl in white capThe roof of the house over the branches of treesReading poetry. The girl in blue
The little girl with blond hair and red ribbonsThe girl in the lilac dress with a light green beltNudes girl by the riverThe girl in purple dressThe group of girls among the trees. Naked girl on horse
Piero and jesterThe girl in the lilac capThe green open spaces of the cityElderly man in a straw hatGirl in straw hat with flowers, with a book in their hands
White lilies in a pond among the broad leaves ofFor the city. RiverThe girl in the green dress and a hat in a storeNaked girl in blue skirtIn the shade of trees. Walk of men and women
Conversation on a bench between girlsGirlsStill life. Apples and wineApples on a plate. JugSailboat on the water
Silhouette and a tree in the rays of the setting sunRoom. Beds, chairs, tableAt the stationLadies for a walkBallet lesson
The girl in blue and the dogTown HousePortrait of a man with a mustacheMuhchina in the dome and wanderThe hills and fields
Still life. The apples on the cloth, and platesThe girl with sickleNaked girl on the stoolRed flowers in a cruseGirl with a naked breast in the cap
Woman in red dress with flowerThe girl with short haircutTwo horse and riderLandscape. Latitude riverNudes Girls
Silhouette man on a bench among the treesGirl with a MirrorTwo dancers in golden boxesIn the forest on the edgeCity of fence
Divorces in the skyA man by the windowNude girl near haystacksWoman in dark dressThe house and the haystack
A woman in a black dress and white kerchiefStreetsPeople and VehicleThe daughter of a mother at the hands ofOver a glass of alcohol
In lilac boxes with red flowersTopol and two strangerMother and childGirl with booksGirl with a basket of flowers
A girl and a bouquetThe girl in the striped shirt with a bare-breastedChildren walk. A girl combs the hairThe little girl in a coat with laceA girl in a light-brown cap with a red bow
The girl sitting on the terraceGirl with GuitarA girl with large dark eyesMy mother bathed the childMother and Child

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Painting / Impressionism
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