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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Sculptures / Statues and sculptures

The image of goddess in gold toneFamily. Statues made of white materialGeometric shapesImages of people on the mountain slopesSculpture of lion lying in the city park
Rock god. A monument to the rockSculpture. Worker and Farmer. The image pairs with the hammer and sickleA monument to the goddess, and a horse with wings of golden colorA stone statue. The head on his handSculpture. Angel on the wagon
Sculpture. Ruler of the helmet with a statue of an angel in the hands ofWhite bust on stoneOpening of the monument. Rider on the horseStatues in the ParkGirl on the monster.
A monument to the ruler.High pedestal with a white materialMozart MonumentFountains with statuesGolden monument violinist
Monument to the Indian god of golden colorMonuments of the stairs. Girl with wingsA crowd of people came from the white materialThe stone god in uniformSculpture. Nude women and an angel
FaceArch with white materialComposition with metal arches and ballsThe stone people in the swingArrangement of colorful fans
The composition of the bronze. Boy and girl sitting on the benchBronze angel with a flute in the hands ofStatues in the fountainGolden figure of a woman to the black stoneWhite angel with a torch
Sculpture. A woman on a pedestalScreen, instead of individuals. The composition of gypsumTwo bronze statues at the entranceA woman breastfeeding a child in white marbleStella
Girl with swordIndian godComposition. Girl with a dove in his hands and a guy with a torchSculpture. The mother wolf and two brothersSculpture. A young man with a dog
A young man near the monumentSculpture. Angel on a horse with a pipe in the hands ofGypsum monument. Woman in sheetsThe girl tried to escape from the hands of conqueringGirl on the bed
Stella. Plate with two notchesSculpture. People and snakesSculpture. A boy with a bow on the sea monsterPlaster head boyStella. Colorful light
Family Stage. Mother, father, daughterIndian girl in ritual costumeIdol redSculpture girls in national dressA young man with a panther
Dragon - warder at the entranceStatue of Liberty with torch in handA statue of Jesus ChristFountain. The guys on the circular plateA sculpture of a stone. Surfer
Sculpture girlA young man with his cloak in her handDeath at the hands of womenA call to victoryThe composition of the metal. Virgin Mary with Child in her arms
A man with a beardThe statue of the young menImages of angels on a convoyQueen of the heir to the handsImplementation of a human face on a piece of stone
The composition of the metalSculpture. DavidSculpture. Unshapely human bodySculpture. MaleThe geometry of metal and stone
The ball and the half -Sculpture. Lying manSculpture. Flight of fancyThe statue of the young men metal discSculpture. A young man with a turtle
Men in the carriage with a horseSculpture. Jesus Christ with the crossGirl with a halo of starsA sculpture made of white material. The man and centaurStone people on the plates
Statue of womanBust of manIdol of a stoneThe Queen of Britain, with its symbols of power in the hands ofSculpture. Nude girl
Gymnast. SculptureSculpture. God is with JugLeo during sleep in a caveFamily MonumentA monument to the sea. The girl on stone

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Sculptures / Statues and sculptures
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