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   WORLD PHOTOS / Other / Food / Drinks

Cocktail in a long glass with green glassA cocktail with ice in a dish with pineappleIced tea in a transparent glassDrink with ice and a piece of lime
Orange juice with a slice of orangeAlcoholic drink in a glass with shaped legDrink dark pink color with a small foam ballCocktail light beige color
Drink with ice in a tall glassDrink with slices of limeDrink in a low glass with ice. Maroon drinkPortion brandyTransparent drink in figure glass
Pineapple cocktail in a glass with orange legCocktail color of coffee with milkDrink blue flower in a low glass
Cocktail coffeeDrink orange-red colorA cocktail of fruit and foamCocktail with orange juiceThe use of coconut shell as a dish for a cocktail
Milk-strawberry cocktailCocktail in a glass with red glassDrink a glass with stainless steel trim
Drink with exotic fruitsMartini and olive
Drink with foamDrink with ice and fruitDrink a dark color in the glass on a long stalkA piece of kiwi fruit for decorationDrink cream
Drink amber colorTransparent drink with bubbles and iceThe rim of sugar on the glass for decorationDrink golden color with a cherry and orangeA glass of brandy
Orange juice and iceA glass with a blue footDance among the flames of ice in a glassCocktail with milk, coffee and iceA cool drink with ice and stick cocktail
Cocktail with deep red colorDrink orangeBright gold drink in a glassRed wine and a bunch of grapesDecanter with a drink yellow
A glass of wine red-orange colorDrink with ice and slices of lemonGrapes and wineA glass of dry white wine
Drink a glass with a patternBeer for every taste and colorA glass of cold beerBeer in a glass with a handleBeer in a metal cup
Beer foamThick foam on the glass with beerA glass of beerBeer bottlesRays of light in a glass of beer
Droplets of water on a glass of beerCeramic mug and tea bagTea in the open cup and saucerCold iced tea and lemonTeapot, cups of tea
Ceramic mug with a blue pattern and green teaTea set with pictures of bluePair tea biscuitCocktails with coffee and milkA cup of coffee
Coffee latte and croissantGlass potMilky coffee cocktailBlack coffee on coffee beans backgroundCoffee with milk
Drink in a ceramic potApple juiceWine with pink grapesA glass of carrot juiceCherry juice
A glass of orange juiceThe juice from the orangeA glass of apple juiceCoca-Cola with iceCarbonated water with ice
A glass of juiceA glass of cola softWater without gasGlass milkMilk with a pipe

   WORLD PHOTOS / Other / Food / Drinks
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