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Slim pencil in the form of strips Tampax
A parody of the popular cartoon heroes
Skeleton clears the ship into the sea of his friend
Entertainment toes in Pictures
Tunnel on the railway line to suicide
Bad boy gift from Santa ClausMeet in the frosty ArcticGlobal dominance of Microsoft in the field of computer technology
Travesty - a travesty of politics super powers
The work of famous people with electrical engineering
photo of a person in a suit with glasses spattered cake
Comparative photos of men and their chances for love life
Comics on the theme - how the special police servicesPicture a woman with beautiful hair and a crown
Brand computer company Microsoft at gunpoint by terroristsWindow to the world through Windows.
Progression among gangsters and reketirov
Farewell young warrior on the computer front
Plate license plate number
Comics on the embossed chiryake
Work is above human lifeThe consequences of the use of a large number of drinks alkgolnyh
Deck for a severed human heads
Things accidentally lost citizens in the streetHuman hatred there is on the road to the light
A (H1N1), swine influenza, California - no gauze bandage on?

   WORLD PHOTOS / Other / Humor / Humor - 9
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