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   WORLD PHOTOS / Animals / Water / Dolphins and Whales

Entertainment whales warm summer time
Dolphins frolic attractive process for the observers intelligent mammals
Underwater hunting whales in small animals of the sea
A lone dolphin cuts through the nose, cold ocean depths
Swimming in the sea to advance in the fight for first place and a cash prizeThe quest for a dinner at the sea surface. Hungry dolphin in search of nutritious food
The head of the dolphin swam out of the water for the resumption of oxygen
Cold I autumn water is no obstacle to living in a sea of fat and intelligent mammalsFull immersion in water heavy body without the hassle and difficulties
Quiet smooth surface of an evening of warm sea. Serene relaxation after a busy busy day
Activities manual dolphin from Assertive and curious visitorsAt sea water dolphin sunning on the sandy beach as
A giant whale to have washed up in connection with the sound of water pollutionSwimming among water spray. Fountain whale in the ocean is the only attractive spectacleFountain in the open ocean. China played the female
In dolphins, scientists conducting research to find out how global warming affects on mammals
Japanese manufacturer of whale meat and blubber offers small quantities of goods at competitive prices
Sleeping on the sea water for a dolphin is fraught with dangers traumatic nature of
Large whale close up a regular inhabitant of the deep seaA small fountain sprays a small whale of a large sea
White - black whale conducts maritime surveillance for the presence of a suitable livestockA flock of young carefree frolicking dolphins swim in the coastal area
Life of the inhabitants of the ocean in the picture amateur marine life closeJumping sea beasts spend time in the fun carefree games
Difficult tricks performed by a trained dolphin from the city zooThe fresh sea air for health dolphins
Smiling Dolphin pure and candid as a childSwim in the sea a short distance from a pair of high-speed dolphins
Night at the sea and the whale is ready for departure on the next hunt for victimsThe huge jaws China to absorb large quantities of food
Pretty smart smiling dolphins in the green water aquarium causing location

   WORLD PHOTOS / Animals / Water / Dolphins and Whales
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